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NetGalley Book Review – Find Your Awesome by Judy Clement Wall

As I mentioned yesterday in my March Reading Wrap Up, one of the books I read during the month was Find Your Awesome, A 30 Day Challenge to Fall in Love with your Playful, Imaginative, and Colorful Self. This book, written by Judy Clement Wall, is unlike most anything I’ve ever read. Find Your Awesome is just what it sounds like: a 30-day creative journaling adventure focused on self-love. I received an unedited Advanced Reader Copy of the book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I chose not to give this particular book a numerical rating as it is such a different type of book that it is hard to evaluate in that way.

Basic Info:

Title – Find Your Awesome          Author – Judy Clement Wall

Genre – Self-Help/Journal           Publisher – Health Communications, Inc.

Pub. Date – April 4, 2017


My Review:

Set to be published on Tuesday, April 4th, Find Your Awesome is a great resource for readers looking to regain their confidence or sense of self. The book is made up of 30 daily challenges ranging from spreading the love through text messages to creating a self-love mantra to taking a break. The book is introduced with some rules that emphasize the lack of rules: the book doesn’t need to be completed in one month, challenges can last more than one day or even become lifelong practices.

I chose to go about using the book as originally intended, challenging myself to complete one self-love challenge each day. Like I said, Find Your Awesome is not my typical read. But last month I found myself full of insecurities and anxiety; I could hardly blog. Attempting a 30-day challenge of self-love sounded like just what the doctor ordered so I started plugging away. I completed the challenges in order for the most part but found myself skipping around a bit when that day’s prescribed challenge just wouldn’t fit neatly into my schedule.

One of my favorite challenges was Day 6: Make a Mandala. I’ve always found coloring and other art activities to be very therapeutic. Making something as lovely as a mandala only served to improve my experience. There are several challenges throughout the 30 days that allow the reader to use art as a form of therapeutic expression, including doodling and designing a book cover. There are also challenges focused on spreading the love outward, something I’ve always found to improve my own happiness.

Simple illustrations and doodles throughout Find Your Awesome add visual interest and enhance this positive book.

I would recommend Find Your Awesome to anyone struggling to find a reason to love what they see in the mirror everyday. The challenges are thought-provoking and varied, leaving little chance that a reader will walk away from the book with no new insight gained.


Thanks for reading my review of Find Your Awesome, a “creative journal adventure” by Judy Clement Wall.

Have you read/completed any journals like this one before? Are you going to Find Your Awesome when it releases on April 4th? If you’re not a fan of “self-help” books, why?

Happy Reading!



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