Wordbook Wednesday

It’s Wordbook Wednesday, Word Nerds!

As a person with a semi-traditional work schedule that has me working Monday through Friday every week, Wednesday is probably one of my least favorite days of the week. Wednesday just drags on and on, but it sure feels great when it’s over. Only Thursday left, and it’s Friday! Bring on the weekend!

Putting together this weekly Wordbook Wednesday post has given me a small reason to like Wednesday a little bit more. It has also proven super helpful in keeping me blogging regularly. This week I haven’t really been able to motivate myself to blog at all – my husband has been sick and I’ve been fighting off whatever it is he has – but I felt obligated to get my act together and put up a Wordbook Wednesday post today.


This week all of my words come from A Woman of Integrity by J. David Simons, a novel slated for publication on March 16, 2017. I read the book after becoming a member on NetGalley (which I talked about here), and a review is forthcoming. I’d say it’s going up tomorrow but it seems like I’m cursed in that whenever I announce a date for something it never happens.

That curse may or may not be called “irresponsibility.”

The Words


*All definitions are in my own words, unless otherwise noted*

Ebullient – bubbling over with enthusiasm or excitement

“I had experienced this kind of ebullient dynamism and glamorous excitement before as an actress but as an aviatrix there was an added ingredient… and that was danger.”   A Women of Integrity / J. Davids Simons

Harangue – a passionate, ranting speech

“While Max used to smother silences with his various harangues and polemics, Rollo relished the quiet.”   A Woman of Integrity / J. David Simons

Temerity – recklessness

“She inwardly chastised herself for her own temerity.”   A Woman of Integrity / J. David Simons

Triumvirate – a government comprised of three officers or (as in this case) any group of three people

“Even though they had been at drama college together, slummed and slutted around Europe along with Victoria, stuck out their thumbs in short skirts at the side of French autoroutes, the three of them a perky little triumvirate, soaking up the vodka, marijuana and one-night stands as if their world was about to end in a nuclear holocaust, Caroline generally ending up with the best looking of whichever young studs they had set their greedy sights on.”   A Woman of Integrity / J. David Simons


“But I had learned a very important lesson during the Roaring Twenties. And that was I would no longer rely on fame or the vagaries of me to make me happy.”   A Woman of Integrity / J. David Simons


“‘Our playwright,’ Laura told her fellow players who enthusiastically returned Quentin’s clapping, some even giving a slight bow as if it were Noel Coward himself who had just appeared with the victuals.”   A Woman of Integrity / J. David Simons


Thank you for stopping by Erynn Loves Books to read this post and to check out the words that stuck with me from my reading this past week. Which word from this week’s Wordbook Wednesday post is your favorite? How many of these words were you familiar/comfortable with before seeing them here today?

Happy reading!



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