Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls & Books for my Christmas List

*** This post was originally published on November 25, 2016 on Erynn Loves Books’ first home, gobbleupbooks.wordpress.com ***

Happy Friday and a Happy belated Thanksgiving to my fellow bloggers from the United States! I love Thanksgiving because it means getting the family all together and because I’m a huge fan of food (but then again who isn’t). Mashed potatoes may or may not be my Kryptonite. I hope that you all had lovely days filled with corn and turkey that wasn’t too dry! This Thanksgiving I am thankful for a number of things, so many more than I could possibly name. The short list includes my family, friends and pets; good books; coffee, tea and frothy cappuccinos; the opportunity to blog and share my thoughts with all of you; and, last of all but certainly not least of all, all of you – followers and random readers alike.

I spent Thanksgiving morning binge-watching Gilmore Girls (as usual lately) and then after my husband got out of work we went to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I was especially excited for Thanksgiving this year because it was hosted by my cousin who is the super talented head chef at a local casino. My mom made green bean casserole and I crafted a beautiful lattice crust apple pie. Everything was delicious and I even converted my husband from a pie hater to pie lover. Score.

The best part is that our Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet. On Saturday my husband and I are traveling across the state to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. I’m ecstatic for the double Thanksgiving (more mashed potatoes!) , but I haven’t met much of his family before so who knows if I’ll even be able to eat when I’m unavoidably shaking from nerves. Would it be impossibly rude of me to take a book to the party just in case I need to escape for a while? I hope not. To diminish the awkwardness, I am bringing our wedding album/guestbook which I’ve been DIY-ing. Much of my husband’s extended family wasn’t able to make it to our wedding, so I thought that they might appreciate being able to see what the celebration was like.

Today Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released on Netflix but I haven’t started watching yet. I’m still working on my rewatch of the original series (Season 6, Episode 7) and won’t allow myself to watch the new mini-series until I am finished. No spoilers please! Are you watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life yet? If so, I am incredibly jealous and although I would love to know what you think I don’t want to ruin the show for myself (again, No Spoilers Please!!!). Hopefully I will be able to finish up the last two seasons of the show quickly and get on to A Year in the Life. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the revival next week.

If you celebrate, how was your Thanksgiving? Does anyone else still have an impending Thanksgiving dinner this weekend? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Please feel free to reach out to me via the Contact page or comment on this post. Let’s get a conversation going!

I am currently looking for books to add to my Christmas list and would love any recommendations you all may have. I have a very diverse reading taste, so if you have any ideas just drop the title and author in a comment on this post with a quick blurb about why it should be added to my Christmas list. If I really like your recommendation it may be included in a future blog post about my bookish Christmas list.

(Currently watching Gilmore Girls Season 6, Episode 9 as I finish my edit and prepare to publish this post).


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