Hello, 2017!

*** This post was originally published on January 1, 2017 on Erynn Loves Books’ first blog home, gobbleupbooks.wordpress.com ***

Today I woke up in a new year. If I were still in school, it would be the time when putting the correct date on the top of my work would suddenly become the hardest part of my assignments.

Blogging has not come as naturally to me as I thought it would, which has been a great learning experience. I’ve been unable to keep myself blogging on a regular basis even though I’ve had plenty of post ideas, and I haven’t posted in nearly a month. But I want to blog successfully. I want to post quality content on a regular basis, make a bunch of blogger friends and grow a bookish community full of love and nerdery.

And so that is my New Year’s resolution for 2017. To grow Erynn Loves Books into what I’ve envisioned for this blog since the beginning. That resolution will start taking effect in the form of regular posts, at least three or four per week. I’ve also considered starting a new page for the blog, as the name no longer matches the URL but am undecided what I’ll do about that as of yet. There is plenty more to come, but I’m determined not to bite off more than I can chew so that I don’t overwhelm myself and burn out.

I’ve got a great planner on my desk and I’m ready to make this blog all that it can be.

Happy Reading!



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